International Women's Day

International Women's Day

Today we reflect on women and their impact on our lives and community. Today and every day we celebrate them.

Discover what IWD means to our Coco Girls below.



Double Bay Boutique

IWD is a day for us to honour and celebrate the outstanding contributions and a accomplishments of women everywhere.This day is a reminder of the strength and tenacity of women who continue to fight for gender equality, opening doors for younger generations.



Nedlands Boutique

International Women's Day is a day of celebration on all we have accomplished as a sisterhood. It's a time to bond with the women who have been important in our lives today. 



Manly Boutique

International Women's Day is a reminder to celebrate what we have achieved over time, and honour these efforts by continuing to educate and empower the women in our present and future. We cherish the women in our lives, and are so lucky to have such strong figures as role models.



Toorak Boutique

Supporting women is in our nature. Free of competition and comparison, we stand as a team of sisters. Born of the same breed but celebrated for our differences, strengths and the love for each and every woman we encounter daily. We understand, we empathise and we grow as one. 



Happy International Womens Day.


- Love The Coco & Lola team x

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