Coco & Lola welcomes BONDI BORN

Coco & Lola goes behind the scenes with BONDI BORN

Can you tell us how the label started and the philosophy behind the brand?

 BONDI BORN was founded in 2015 by Sydney media executive, Dale McCarthy, who set out to create Australia’s most luxurious swimwear brand with a commitment to uncompromising quality.
Today, BONDI BORN creates elevated swimwear and effortless resort wear for women around the world using only the finest quality, sustainably produced fabrics and premium local craftsmanship.
Our mission statement is “To empower and inspire the summer style of women all over the world, while never compromising on quality, people or planet.”

We would love to understand your design process and where the garments are created?  

Each BONDI BORN design is carefully considered to form part of an effortless and enduring summer wardrobe. We create timeless and versatile pieces that live beyond the season and bring joy to the wearer year after year.
Each of our fabrics is carefully chosen for its beauty and its performance on the body. Our garments are made in small runs by boutique local makers. Each design is meticulously fitted and refitted to ensure the perfect fit.

Can you tell us about your creative process when approaching a new collection? What inspires you? 

Our design philosophy is an expression of contemporary Australian style – elegant yet understated. 
We see this expressed around us every day through Australian art, architecture, interiors, food and film. We overlay this with inspiration from international fashion trends - often evening wear - and translate these concepts to create the ultimate summer wardrobe.
Colour plays a central role in every BONDI BORN collection. Our design team find inspiration in the vibrant palette of the world around them, through the natural environment, the Australian landscape, or the holiday destinations our collections are made for.

Could you share the inspiration behind this collection? 

Our Resort 23 collection, PHOSPHOR takes its inspiration from digital artist David Rudnick’s image, Stem,part of his series of digital plant life, created for the metaverse. 
PHOSPHOR represents freshness, vitality, rejuvenation, a clean slate delivered through a soft yet acidic colour palette of lavender, apple green and sky blue.
Amidst a backdrop of uncertainty and chaos, we set out to create a collection that reinvigorates and energises the wearer through vivid colour and effortless silhouettes.    

What is your favourite piece of the collection? How would you style it? 

We are excited about our new dry cotton styles this season. Each piece is designed with versatility and wearability in mind, to offer an elevated approach to everyday dressing. The Saint Tropez Dress is a hero style; the Japanese Typewriter Cotton is fresh and crisp. The style has an asymmetrical silhouette and an exaggerated bow, that delivers a statement look worthy of any occasion. Pair it with a chunky white sandal, slick bun and bronzed summer skin.



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